Braces & Invisalign
In Calgary

From as low as $1799

Straight Teeth Without the High Fees!

Braces & Invisalign
In Calgary

From As Low As $1799

Straight Teeth Without The High Fees!

About Our Free Consultations

When you visit our office, in 30-minutes we will assess your orthodontic condition and review the complexity of your case with you. We will let you know our fees for completing your orthodontic treatment.

Our Previous Transformations

Actual patients of our team. Treated with Invisalign without extracting teeth.

All smiles shown are for educational purposes only.

Actual case outcomes vary.

As directed by your dentist, some patients may require other devices in combination with their orthodontic treatment. Additional fees may apply in these cases. 

How It Works

Step 1

Visit Us For A Short, Hassle-Free, No Obligation Consultation To See What Treatment Option Is Best For You.

Step 2

We Will Work With You To Develop A Plan Specific To Your Needs And Start Treatment

Step 3

Once We Complete Your Treatment, You Can Show Off And Wow Your Friends And Family With Your New, Confident Smile!

What Our Patients Say About Us

Don’t just take our word, watch what some of our happy patients have to say about their orthodontic experience at Beacon Smiles Dental. 

Our Orthodontic Fees


$2999 to $6999
  • Includes all x-rays and photos
  • All Adjustments
  • Retainers After Treatment
  • No Hidden Fees


$3200 to $4300
  • For Children Aged 5-15
  • Includes all x-rays and photos
  • Retainers Not Necessary
  • No Hidden Fees
Fees Based On The Patient's Individual Complexity
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Meet Dr. Dhillon

  • Grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
  • Degree in Dentistry from the University of Saskatchewan.
  • Had braces as a child to fix his own crooked teeth.
  • Conservative treatment philosophy. Focused on developing full/wide smiles.
  • Values treating issues early as they can become permanent without
  • Passionate about Orthodontics including Braces, Invisalign and Myobrace.

Invisalign & Orthodontic Treatment

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