In a perfect world, your teeth would line up as impeccably as the keys on a piano with no interference from your Calgary orthodontist whatsoever.

But things are rarely perfect.

Crooked teeth, overcrowded teeth, and poorly aligned bites exist and are a problem for many, regardless of age. Even as an adult, getting braces can improve your looks and fix any long-standing dental issues that might’ve followed you well into adulthood!

If you ever wondered whether orthodontic treatment for adults is viable, keep on reading to see what the Beacon Smiles Dental orthodontist office in Calgary has to say to new patients!

What’s the Right Time to Get Braces?

There’s a common misconception that you somehow become too old for braces once you’re out of your teen years.

Not at all!

Childhood is generally an excellent time to start addressing teeth positioning and misaligned bites, but that doesn’t mean that orthodontics is only reserved for the youngsters.

The preference for treating kids stems from the fact that when the problems are caught early on, more can be done to intercept them. But again, that doesn’t imply that adults – and even seniors – can’t be treated with equal success.

In terms of straightening teeth and fixing misalignment, it turns out that age is just a number!

More people are opting to start their orthodontic treatment later in life, with the American Association of Orthodontists reporting that one in five patients is an adult!

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

If you didn’t get around to wearing braces when you were younger, why should you bother now?

Well, why not?

What’s stopping you from achieving that perfect smile that you always dreamed of having?

Depending on the exact reasons you’re getting braces, straightening your teeth in adulthood can go beyond mere aesthetics and bring about a ton of additional benefits, too!

The benefits of orthodontic treatment for adults are many, including:

And it all starts with a quick search for an “orthodontic near me” office!

Orthodontics near Me in Calgary, Alberta: Treatment at Any Age

If you thought that you’d be limited to bulky, awkward-looking metal wires and brackets, know that this couldn’t be further from the truth:

When it comes to orthodontic appliances, you’ll have several options, all of them designed to blend in and allow for discreet treatment. Even the traditional wires-and-brackets braces have been redesigned to remain practically invisible when you smile!

Some of the most popular orthodontics treatment options for adults include:

If you don’t want to put up with the mouthful of metal that comes with traditional orthodontics braces, Invisalign is highly recommended by our Calgary orthodontist.

It’s the most discreet treatment option currently found on the market!

Contact us to discuss payment plans for your orthodontics treatment. Our Calgary-based orthodontics office is proud to offer affordable and flexible financing options in line with the Alberta Dental Fee Guide.

It’s Never Too Late: Find an Orthodontist near Me in Calgary!

You probably came here thinking that it’s too late to do anything about your misaligned teeth. Maybe you even made peace with it years ago.

But remember:

It’s never too late for straightening your teeth and get the perfect smile.

Now that you know that orthodontic treatment options can help adults get that beautiful smile, too, book a consultation with your Calgary orthodontist. Contact us at Beacon Smiles Dental – our Calgary, Alberta orthodontics office – today!

Our orthodontic Calgary specialists care about each of our new patients’ smiles – childhood to adulthood.