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About Me

Dr. Jagatjit Dhillon's Bio

I’m a General Dentist in Calgary and an owner of both Beacon Smiles Dental and Dental Now Panorama. I grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and received my D.M.D. in 2002 from the College of Dentistry at the University of Saskatchewan. During dental school I worked closely with the head of the orthodontic department. For close to two years I helped to revise the full orthodontic curriculum for the school. It was then when my passion for orthodontics developed. I have since taken numerous orthodontic courses with the goal of learning more progressive and newer approaches to orthodontics.

Over the last 18 years, I became extremely passionate about early intervention dental treatment in young children.  As I’ve seen many time before too often opportunities for facial growth modification are missed.  With newer understanding of the causes of orthodontic problems, such as mouth breathing, poor tongue posture, and improper swallow, we can steer jaw and facial growth towards a more optimal path. As a result of early treatment, unnecessary teeth extractions and surgery may be avoidable in most cases. More importantly, negative facial growth affecting both health and cosmetics can hopefully been prevented.  Also, by treating the true causes of the orthodontic problems, it would lead to a more stable result that will reduce the chances of relapse.

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While I enjoy the field of orthodontics, I really love being able to provide this service as a General Dentist in Calgary.  It allows me to more carefully treat my patients by making sure their gum and teeth health are optimal during treatment. Also it allows me to better coordinate cosmetic procedures (cosmetic fillings and/or veneers) with my patients orthodontics so the end result is as beautiful as possible.

I work hard to maintain a fun, caring, and professional environment at my dental office in Calgary.  Within this environment, my goal is to provide patients with personalized treatment that leads them to enjoying a lifetime of happy healthy smiles.

Treatment Objectives Orthodontics and Dentist in Calgary

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My aim in orthodontics is not just focused on straightening teeth. My treatment objectives also include:

  • Ensure proper development of the face and jaw structures in children
  • Maximizing the airway
  • Non-extraction treatment
  • Maximizing dental arch expansion
  • Healthy jaw joint function
  • Preventing mouth breathing
  • Proper oral posture
  • Enhancing facial esthetics.

The devices and techniques I use to achieve my results are: