Wisdom teeth (also known as your third set of molars) for some people generally come through fine with no problems between the ages of 17-25, although they can also come through in later years. When they come through in the correct position, wisdom teeth are useful because they help us with chewing. Sometimes though, when wisdom teeth start to come through wrong, problems can arise. This is often due to a lack of space in the mouth, or because they are growing through at the incorrect angle and can cause pain, discomfort, infection, and swelling. It’s perfectly normal to experience slight discomfort when your wisdom teeth are erupting but if you have any pain, make sure you contact us.

What are the main reasons for removing wisdom teeth?

We don’t remove your wisdom teeth unless it is necessary, but we may advise to do so when:

• There is not enough space in your mouth and they are growing through at the wrong angle and have become impacted
• If they have grown partly through but are badly decayed
• There is repeated infection around the gum of the tooth
• They are causing pain, cysts, or gum disease
• Removal is necessary to prevent damage to the neighboring tooth

If we tell you that your wisdom teeth are impacted, that means they are trapped under the gum and are not able to grow through fully. This can then lead to food getting trapped causing bacteria to grow. If this happens, try and make sure you keep cleaning around the area and flossing regularly to prevent an infection.

To determine if your tooth will need to be extracted or not, we’ll carry out a thorough examination, followed by an X-ray of your jaw to check the position and roots of your wisdom tooth.

So, will wisdom teeth removal hurt?

Having your wisdom teeth removed is not as scary as you might have imagined. Most patients elect to have some from of Sedation Dentistry. Before we even begin we will always numb the area with a local anesthesia so you won’t feel any pain during the process. All you might feel is a little pressure and some slight pushing and pulling while we remove the tooth, but no pain.

To reduce the risk of complications, always make sure that you follow the aftercare instructions we provide you with. This includes warm salty mouth washes 24 hours afterwards, no smoking or physical activity, eating a diet that consists of soft food while you heal, and avoiding touching the area with your tongue or finger. You may want to take painkillers and use a cold pack for any swelling.

If you are experiencing pain from your wisdom teeth, contact us at Beacon Smiles Dental today at +1 403-262-3130.