Dental Bridges

Despite the fact that a missing tooth may not be directly in your smile line, it needs to be addressed at the earliest opportunity. The reason? It can cause your remaining natural teeth to gravitate towards the gap leaving you with misaligned teeth and bite problems. Not only this, a tooth gap also increases the chances of any food debris becoming lodged, which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

Whether you’re missing one tooth or several teeth don’t worry, help is at hand. At our Beacon Smiles Dental clinic in Calgary we can recommend a number of solutions. A dental bridge containing one or more artificial teeth (pontics) can either be attached to adjacent healthy teeth either side of the gap or supported by dental implants. In essence, bridges span or ‘bridge’ the space where a tooth or consecutive missing teeth once were.

Conventional Bridges

A conventional bridge consists of two dental crowns and replacement teeth in a metal/porcelain unit, all porcelain unit, or all gold unit. The procedure involves preparing the teeth at either end of the gap in order to make room for two dental crowns to be fitted. After taking impressions of your teeth, a natural looking prosthetic bridge is made by the dental lab. The bridge can then be cemented onto the prepared teeth, creating a seamless look that completes and restores your smile.

Fixed implant-retained bridges

A fixed implant-retained bridge is slightly different because it doesn’t rely on the support or modification of any adjacent teeth. As a result no healthy teeth are compromised. Used in cases where an individual is missing several consecutive teeth, a dental implant will be placed at either end of the gap to which the bridge will be attached. The implant-supported bridge will help to restore your smile and bite function.
If you’re missing a single tooth, have multiple teeth gaps, or need protection for a weakened tooth, then come and talk to us about our range of bridges and implants. Remember you don’t have to put up with less than perfect teeth and with our experienced team, you can rest assured that you’re in safe and knowledgeable hands. Call today on (587) 317-4094 and book a consultation.