Botox in Calgary

As we age, natural bone loss means that the skin around the facial area becomes less taught. As a result every time the facial muscles contract through a facial expression, it causes creases in the skin, more commonly known as wrinkles. Botox treatment is a natural purified protein derived from clostridium botulinum. When carefully injected into the skin in measured amounts, it temporarily blocks any signal receptors which tell the muscles to contract. In doing do, wrinkles or expression (frown) lines are drastically softened and in some cases they disappear altogether. The treatment is quick and most patients will notice results within just a few days.
Typically the effects of Botox last for around 3-4 months or until muscle action begins to return, although some treatments can last longer. However this depends on a number of factors including (diet,) exposure to the sun, and lifestyle choices such as smoking. At Beacon Smiles our cosmetic dental team will be happy to explain all of this in greater detail.

What about the benefits?

The main benefits of Botox are that, unlike many other dental and cosmetic dental procedures, treatment takes on average just 20-30 minutes to complete. What’s more, as a non-surgical treatment there’s no down time so patients can have treatment during their lunch hour and return back to work that afternoon. As a result it fits in perfectly with our busy lives. It’s no wonder then that Botox treatment is the top non-surgical cosmetic treatment in the country.

That’s all well and good, but does the process hurt?

While it’s fair to say that any injection can hurt, the needles used in Botox treatment are (typically) very small. The process is virtually painless. (Patient comfort is our number one priority so we ensure that the area is numbed with a topical anesthetic cream beforehand, so little or no pain is felt. ) – remove last sentence, we don’t use any topical for botox
Whether you’re considering Botox as a stand-alone treatment or as part of a complete Smile Makeover, then contact us on (587) 317 4094 for a no obligation consultation and take the first steps towards a youthful, healthier look.