Does your kid need braces? Do not worry; it is nothing unusual. Nearly 75% of children will need braces or orthodontic work before they turn 13.

The main dilemma these days is metal braces vs. Myobrace; which one is better? For years the only option for kids with malocclusions in their teeth was the metal braces fitted to their teeth. Nowadays, children have one more option, the Myobrace system.

What is the difference between the two? How well and quickly does either of the two solve jaw and bite development problems, including malocclusions.

What Are Malocclusions?

The Dental Practice Board defines malocclusion as an abnormal occlusion , when teeth are not normally positioned in relation to other teeth in the same jaw.

In plain words, it means that teeth are not properly aligned, and a child or a person has crooked teeth or a misalignment when they bite.

Malocclusion can come in different forms. All of them are pretty common in kids.  Here is the detailed list of all the forms of malocclusion:

It is quite a common malocclusion form caused by a lack of space for the teeth in the jaw.  Children with this problem have crooked and overlapping teeth. Adults have orthodontic work done almost solely due to not correcting this form of malocclusion in their childhood.


Children that have a problem with overjet have their top teeth extending past their bottom teeth horizontally. If the teeth are protruding into the cheeks, a child can have problems when eating or speaking.

The upper teeth normally overlap your lower teeth a bit, but if they go too far, you have a problem called an overbite.

If the upper teeth interfere with your lower teeth, you have a crossbite. It can happen only at the front, or one side, or even all over the jaw.

This form of crossbite affects only your front teeth.  The lower teeth come over the upper ones – it is the opposite of the overbite.

Unusually wide spacing between two or more teeth can be caused by missing teeth, small teeth, or thumb sucking.

A diastema is usually the wide space between the two front teeth.

It can be a result of some kind of trauma or improper teeth development.

Why is it essential to act as early as possible?

Even the minor problems that occur in early childhood can develop to become significant issues in adults. For this reason, Early Intervention Orthodontics is essential if you want to avoid extensive, costly treatments.

When malocclusions are treated early, the child’s teeth can continue to grow naturally into the correct formation. There will be less pain and no difficulties or complications such as breathing through the mouth or improper facial development. You will also save tons of money

on future orthodontic treatments.

How Do Metal Braces Help? The Pros & Cons

Braces are a more traditional and pretty standard orthodontic system used by numerous children and adults to straighten teeth and correct irregularities.



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How Does Myobrace Help? The Pros & Cons

The Myobrace system is an alternative to the traditional, bulky braces. It is a preventative pre-orthodontic treatment that addresses the underlying causes of malocclusions, such as abnormal development or improper oral habits. It’s a series of appliances that provide light force to realign your teeth.