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Most people think they don't need to visit a dentist unless they have a "problem." FACT: Most dental issues start off as painless until they become impossible to ignore.

Save yourself a lot of money, time, and complications down the road

Here are just a couple of issues people tend to ignore most:

Build up – plaque can build up in hard to see and reach places which can cause bad breath, cavities, or even worse, gingivitis! Coming in for some teeth TLC and cleaning once in a while can prevent all three issues from occurring.

Fillings – Cavities can  be virtually painless when they begin to form, so you may not even notice them. But things will only get worse if not taken care of sooner.  A simple checkup can prevent future pain, complications, and expensive treatment.

Visiting Your Dentist twice Yearly

Prevents bigger issues down the road
Shorter checkups
Avoid emergency visits
Save money in the long run

Delaying Your Visits

Issues become more complex
Longer, more frequent visits
Emergency visits more likely
Treatment more expensive

Prevention is the key to less headaches and cheaper dental visits

So instead of trying to avoid the dentist as long as possible, consider visiting us soon at our Beacon Hill location to avoid expensive dental problems down the road.

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