Dr. Aaron Mah

About Me
Dr. Aaron Mah, Calgary Alberta Sarcee Trail

Who is Dr. Mah

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Dr. Aaron Mah completed his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Calgary. Dr. Mah then completed his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree at the University of Manitoba. After graduating, Dr. Mah returned to his native city of Calgary where he has been practicing dentistry for over five years.

Dr. Mah is a passionate and kind dentist who always holds his patient’s best interests at heart. He is an active member of the Calgary District Dental Society, the Alberta Dental Association and college, and the Canadian Dental Association. Dr. Mah strongly believes in preventative dental techniques so that you always have a healthy smile. He educates and advises his patients to allow them to make informed decisions and to receive the highest standard of dental care.

When not in his office, Dr. Mah is active and enjoys playing hockey, soccer, golf, and bowling. He loves to travel with his family and has a strong passion for food and is always seeking to experience new flavors.