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Dental Clinic in NW Calgary

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Your smile is the most powerful gesture you can share with others. That’s why here at Beacon Smiles Dental, we treat every smile with the utmost importance and care!

Our dental clinic in Calgary, Beacon Smiles Dental follows the Alberta Dental Fee Guide pricing for all of our services. 

Beacon Smiles Dental is located in Beacon Hill, Calgary near the communities of Nolan Hill, Sage Hill, Hamptons Citadel, and Sherwood. 

Our Hours

WeekdayOur Hours
Monday12 – 7:30p.m.
Tuesday7:30a.m. – 7:30p.m.
Wednesday7:30a.m. – 7:30p.m.
Thursday9a.m. – 4:30p.m.
Friday8a.m. – 3:30p.m.
Saturday9a.m. – 3:30p.m.

Closed on holidays and long-weekends.

Family Dentists in NW Calgary

How Our Dental Clinic Can Help

Full Mouth Digital Scans With iTero

Our new patient exams include a free full mouth digital scan with iTero 3D imaging technology. The scans allow us take a 3D digital scan of your mouth to analyze your bite, monitor teeth wear, and track gum recession with increased accuracy. More than a routine check-up, it gives you a view into your mouth similar to what we see, enhancing our ability to communicate about your oral health overtime. Together, we can understand the ongoing and continuous changes in your mouth, promoting active engagement in your oral health journey.

NW Calgary Dentist Fees

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Dental Clinic in NW Calgary

Take Care of your Oral Health with our complete range of general dentistry services.

Here at Beacon Smiles Dental, we provide affordably priced dental treatment for your entire family. Whether it’s your child’s first visit to the dentist, or you haven’t seen a dentist in a few years, our judgement-free family dentist’s are here to give you the help you need. 


We offer traditional Braces for worry-free, straight teeth at a price you and your family can actually afford.


Whether it's Invisalign or Braces, we provide FREE Orthodontic Consultations to help you find the best treatment.


Invisalign for Kids, Teens and Adults starting from as little as $1799 or $40/week. See why thousands of patients have trusted us.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Get the smile transformation you've always wanted at at a price that you can afford.

Children's Dentistry

We help children of all ages take care of their oral health for long-term health.

Emergency Dentistry

Contact us immediately to Deal with your dental emergency before it gets worse.

Family Dentists in NW Calgary

Convenient and Affordable Dentistry in Calgary

At our Calgary dental office, we prioritize making your dental experience as convenient and stress-free as possible. We’ve tailored our services to fit smoothly into your life, ensuring you never have to put off necessary care due to a busy schedule. We do everything we can to keep your dental visits efficient, cost-effective, and timely, ensuring you and your family’s dental health is always maintained without compromise.

Dentistry Around Your Busy Schedule

Our office will accommodate your schedule so you don't have to miss work or family events to extract your teeth.

Stop Overpaying For Treatment

We direct bill your insurance plus we've made it easy to see our dental prices online. Our prices always follow the fee guide.

Don't Wait Till Your Pain Gets Worse

We are here when you need us the most. We offer same-day emergency dental appointments so you can get in and get out of pain fast.

Your Calgary Dental Team

Dr. Jagatjit Dhillon

Family Dentist/Owner

Dr. Jagatjit Dhillon is passionate about transforming smiles with over 20 years of experience in orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry, enhancing both appearance and dental health.

Dr. Harriet Law

Family Dentist

Dr. Harriet Law focuses on delivering personalized and effective dental treatments to enhance both the health and aesthetics of her patients’ smiles.

Dr. Alexandra Moore

Family Dentist

Dr. Alexandra Moore focuses on providing comprehensive and compassionate care, she ensures that all patients, from toddlers to seniors, maintain optimal dental health.

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Dental care is a prerequisite of keeping your oral health in optimal condition.

Are you looking for a dentist in Calgary? With a dental clinic seemingly at every corner in Calgary AB, it’s challenging to find the one that will provide you with high-quality care.

If you’re from Alberta and are looking to a guide to the Calgary dental scene, what to expect, and which dental office to choose, you’re in the right place. Keep scrolling!

Invisalign Teeth Straightening

Orthodontic treatment of your teeth does not have to be synonymous with metal and pain anymore!

We’re proud to bring one of the best teeth aligners to the Calgary dental scene.

Invisalign is discreet, as it is nearly invisible. Plus, it’s easily removable. But what is of the paramount importance is that is efficient – superb, even – in moving your teeth to the desired position and regulating the bite.

We have the best equipment to get your dental impressions, and your set of trays will be created in no time.