Dental Fees 2024

Transparent Dental Fees.

At Beacon Smiles Dental in Calgary, we’re committed to making dental care affordable for everyone. We understand that dental fees can be a concern, which is why we are upfront about all of our treatment prices before you visit our office. Additionally, for those who need it, we provide the option for our patients to finance their dental treatments. 

As of January 8th, 2024, Beacon Smiles Dental started following the 2024 Alberta Dental Association General Practitioner Fee Guide.

2024 Calgary Dental Fees

Here is a list of our most common dental fees!

2024 Calgary Dental Fees

Dental Procedure Our Fee
Childrens New Patient Exam (Each) $81.82 - $111.51
Adult New Patient Exam (Each) $116.66
Emergency (specific) New Patient Exam (Each) $73.85
Polish Hygiene Treatment (15 mins) $71.54
Scaling Hygiene Treatment (15 mins) $80.30
Root Planing Hygiene Treatment (15 mins) $83.55
Flouride Hygiene Treatment (Each) $34.66
Panoramic X-Rays (Each) $101.53
Bitewing X-Rays (For Two) $54.60
Periapical X-Rays (Each) $34.26
Fillings Composite (Each) $156.93 - $407.43
Braces Orthodontics (Full Treatment) $2,999 - $6,999
Invisalign Orthodontics (Full Treatment) $1,799 - $6,199
Myobrace Orthodontics (Full Treatment) $3,199 - $5,995

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