How Do I Find A Good Dentist Near Me?

 If you’ve recently moved and are new to the area, then you may be wondering how to find a good dentist near you. Depending on the dentist you choose, it can result in either a positive or negative impact on your health and your bank balance, so it needs to be right. After all, it’s an important decision that can have ramifications beyond your first visit. So what exactly do you look for in a good dentist? Here are some hints and tips…

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 Ask your current dentist

 I’m assuming that your dentist is a trustworthy person. That’s why he or she is your ‘go to‘ dentist right? This being the case then why not ask them if they know of a good dentist in your new destination. They’re far more likely to have a network of people they either know personally or can recommend.

 Ask friends, family, or work colleagues

 Talking of recommendations, it’s well worth asking friends, family, or work colleagues that reside in your new area. They may have had a one-time treatment, such as a crown or bridge, and felt they had a good experience; or they may have a regular dentist that they’d be happy to recommend.

 Check out reviews online

 As the World Wide Web is used for pretty much everything these days, it would be a shame not to utilize it for the purpose of finding your perfect dentist. Check out sites such as Doctoroogle, Healthgrades, and of course Yelp, for patient reviews of dentists in your area; but be aware of standard boiler-plate reviews and instead concentrate on reviews that relate to a particular dental issue or problem a patient had.

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 Book a consultation

 By now you should at least have a shortlist. The next thing you need to do is to book yourself a consultation with each dentist on your list. After each consultation you should ask yourself these questions.

If the answer is no to any of the above, then it’s advisable to walk away. You don’t really want to accept half measures just because they’re cheap, because chances are it will come back to haunt you in the end.

Follow your gut

 More often than not, your instinct is right, so if it’s a straight toss up between one dental office or another, then you might want to follow your gut. It could be that you feel a slight affinity with one dentist over the other, but can’t quite put your hand on it. Or alternatively one dentist may have a slightly better chair-side manner than the other. However small the connection or draw, it pays to follow your instinct.

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