Is it time to take your child to the dentist for the very first time? Do you feel nervous?

It would help if you were not; you will only make your child feel stressed and anxious.

The solution is easy. It only takes a little bit of know-how to prepare your child for the first visit to the dentist’s office, and everything will go smoothly from then on.

You play an essential role in building your child’s trust and confidence at the dental office. If you find a dentist that plays his or her part well, too, there is no chance anything will go wrong.

Pediatric dentists go through specialized training that enables them to gain your child’s trust and confidence. They will handle kids of all ages, from infants & toddlers to school-age children & adolescents, with utmost patience and dedication.

Pediatric dental Calgary is a shining example of this profession, so you should not hesitate to take your child to the dentist in a timely manner and help promote a lifetime of healthy smiles for your kids!

The Goal of Pediatric Dental Care in Calgary

The role of pediatric dentists is the same no matter where you live. They must provide a firm foundation of knowledge regarding dental growth and development as well as preventative care.

The ultimate goal is to support children in all aspects of their oral health care and craniofacial development. However, everything must be delivered in a comprehensive, family-centered way. The necessary information regarding your child’s oral health needs to be continuously accessible and adequately coordinated.

The main focus should be on:

All this must be done in a pleasant and safe environment.

Prevention: All about practicing proper oral hygiene

Taking care of the primary teeth is the first milestone of life-long dental care. You should not fall into the trap of thinking how primary teeth are only temporary – good oral hygiene, just like a good upbringing, must start as early as in infancy.

No matter how old your kid is, if you haven’t started practicing oral hygiene, do it NOW!  Some form of dental hygiene routine should be established as soon as possible. Only then can you rely on pediatric dental care to help your child’s primary teeth stay healthy and free of decay from some other diseases.

When and how to introduce oral hygiene for your kids?

Oral hygiene should start in infancy. It does not matter whether you’re nursing or bottle-feeding your baby, introducing some type of dental hygiene regimen should be your priority from the day you bring your bundle of joy home.

Do not wait for the teeth to grow. Start by wiping down your baby’s gums with gauze or a soft, wet washcloth. Once teeth do begin to grow, purchase a toothbrush designed specifically for babies and give your best to keep them clean.

When is it time for a first dental visit?

The best time to take your kid to the dentist’s office is at the age of one or two. If your child is older than that, and you still haven’t done this, do it as soon as possible.

A pediatric dentist can do a lot for your kid’s teeth, even if there are no obvious problems. For example, a dentist can remove plaque build-up, and food debris stuck between teeth and thus help preserve your child’s oral health. This process is very important since it hinders bacterial growth. If the bacteria were to continue growing, your kid could face numerous dental diseases such as tooth decay or gum tissue inflammation.

Make your dental check-ups regular. If your kid is reluctant, think of some tooth-friendly reward that will make him or her want to visit the pediatric dentist more often.

Pediatric Dentist’s Professional Tips

Providing you with expert tips on how to take care of your kid’s teeth at home is an essential part of pediatric dental care in Calgary or anywhere on the globe. The list will usually include the following topics:

Depending on the condition your kid’s teeth are in, you might get some further advice too.

Most pediatric dentists will discuss your child’s eating habits too. You probably know this part, but your kid and unexperienced parents need to hear and learn the rules too: