If your child’s teeth are not properly aligned, you must turn to the orthodontist for guidance & help. The main question is: What is the best age for orthodontic treatment?

Should you start addressing the issue as soon as you notice something wrong, or should you wait for your child to reach a certain age? Will the treatment be more efficient at a particular period or not?

Most of us already know that when it comes to dental care Calgary, the earlier you start, the better. What do the experts say, though? The experts recommend that your child should go through an orthodontic assessment when about eight years old. The best age for your child to get the actual orthodontic treatment is from 10 to 13 years

Your kid will probably have a complete set of baby teeth by the age of three and start losing them around five or six years of age. At the age of twelve or so, your child is likely to have all the permanent teeth, except for wisdom teeth. A lot depends on how quickly your child develops. The exact time to start wearing braces is also dictated by the cause and complexity of the problem your kid has. 

If you notice any irregularities while these adult teeth are emerging, seek an orthodontist. The goal is to act while your kid’s mouth and jaws are still growing.

Why is it so important to start early?

If you perform an orthodontic assessment and start addressing the problems early, you eliminate the risk of future complications. If left untreated, even the minor issue can grow into a severe one. Most of the time, things become much more complicated to treat, so you or your child will require more complex (and more expensive) treatments.

Perhaps your orthodontist will not even insist on immediate treatment. Nevertheless, he or she will continue to monitor the potential problems and act as soon as that becomes necessary.

What Is An Orthodontic Treatment?

The orthodontic treatment aims to align your child’s teeth and thus improve both their appearance and function. The stress misaligned teeth put on the jaw can result in the jaw and joint complications. 

Adequate orthodontic treatment will provide your child with a healthy bite function and enable him or her to eat and speak properly. Your kid’s oral health is likely to improve, too, since it is easier to maintain straight teeth. The risk of tooth decay and gum infections will be thus diminished too.

Children are more likely to have issues trying to keep clean the misaligned teeth. Poor oral hygiene results in cavities and gum problems, and the issues you need to resolve only continue to multiple.

Orthodontic therapy has emotional benefits too. Children with crooked teeth will probably suffer because of that, but an attractive smile will help them build up confidence and self-esteem.

Timely orthodontic treatment can help in many ways, such as:

What problems does orthodontics address?

What are the signs your child needs orthodontic treatment?

The Conclusion

It is essential to start orthodontic treatment in a timely manner. The best option is to commence at an early age. It would be best if you took your child to the orthodontist around the age of eight so that the potential problems are identified on time. It does not, however, mean that treatment will start at that time too. It can take as much as five years before any treatment begins.

When orthodontic treatments are done on time, you eliminate the risk of progressive dental issues that can cost you a ton of money in the future. Good oral hygiene also depends on how quickly you straighten things out.

Finally, if you or your parents have missed out on early-age orthodontic intervention, you can still rely on orthodontic treatments to secure a beautiful smile – no matter how old you are! So, do not be discouraged; certain types of braces can help adjust the smile no matter the age!