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Braces For Your Entire Family

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Everyone should have a smile they’re confident with, and at Beacon Smiles Dental in Calgary, we work with you to achieve that. Together with our dentists, we will formulate a treatment plan best suited to your individual needs, to get a happy, healthy smile that will last a lifetime. 

Getting affordable braces is a simple process that can be broken down into three easy steps: consultation, application, and upkeep.

You can start anytime, all you have to do is book a FREE consultation with our Beacon Smiles dentists so we can begin your orthodontic transformation journey!

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What Are Braces?

Dental Braces are an extremely effective way of achieving the smile you want. Braces can solve many issues, from straightening teeth, solving overcrowding, and fixing bite, and many more issues.  This kind of orthodontic treatment works over several months, from as little as four  months for minor fixes, all the way up to 24 months for more extreme cases.

How Do Braces Work?

Braces work by bonding a brace to the individual teeth, which then have a metal wire threaded through. The wire applies the proper pressure and tension between the teeth to slowly move them into the desired position. Adjustments to the wire take place approximately every six weeks.

Benefits of Orthodontics!

Straight teeth and a good bite don’t only serve for aesthetic purposes, but can also provide many health benefits. Straight teeth has been linked to better digestion, reduced jaw pain, fewer breaks and cracks, fewer headaches/migraines, and less wear and tear. So don’t just consider increased confidence when looking to improve your smile, think of the greater health benefits that come along with it!

Who Needs Braces?

Straight teeth and a good bite don’t only serve for aesthetic purposes, but can also provide many health benefits. Straight teeth has been linked to better digestion, reduced jaw pain, fewer breaks and cracks, fewer headaches/migraines, and less wear and tear. So don’t just consider increased confidence when looking to improve your smile, think of the greater health benefits that come along with it!

Sometimes teeth can grow in overtop of one another and become overcrowded in the mouth. Not only can this be uncomfortable, but it can cause many issues in bite, wear and tear, and breaking of the teeth. Braces will help to spread the teeth out into their proper order, straightening and reducing overcrowding tension in the process.

Overbite, underbite, and crossbite are all issues from the misalignment of teeth and jaw. Braces can work to reduce and eliminate issues in bite. If left untreated, problem bites can lead to many other issues such as tooth decay, breaking, gum disease, jaw pain, and speech problems.

Misaligned teeth and gaps in the teeth can have negative side-effects too, such as gum disease. Not only is straight teeth aesthetically pleasing, and can increase individual confidence, but it also makes general upkeep and cleaning of the teeth much easier. Having straight teeth also reduces the chances of chipping or breaking the teeth.

Let's Make sure you have a Worry-Free Smile

Types Of Braces Available!

There are several options of braces available, and based on your individual needs and preferences our Beacon Smiles dentists will discern the best one for you. Each type has the same level of effectiveness, with the primary differences being in appearances. If none of these options, however, don’t fit your individual preferences, our clinic also offers Invisalign and Myobrace treatments. Each of the following options has its merits, and we can discuss in further detail each option during your FREE consultation.

Metal Braces

The most traditional and noticeable option of the three. Metal braces are attached to the front of the teeth with a wire stretched between them. This option offers the most affordable braces, with the lowest cost of the three.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are metal brackets once again, but they are attached to the teeth on the inside of the mouth, so they are the most discreet of the three options. This option takes the same amount of time to achieve results as traditional metal braces but will cost more than traditional metal braces.

Ceramic Braces

Misaligned teeth and gaps in the teeth can have negative side-effects too, such as gum disease. Not only is straight teeth aesthetically pleasing, and can increase individual confidence, but it also makes general upkeep and cleaning of the teeth much easier. Having straight teeth also reduces the chances of chipping or breaking the teeth.

Let's Make sure you have a Worry-Free Smile

How To Get Braces!

Getting braces is an easy, painless process. During your initial consultation, our Beacon Smiles dentists will work together with you to decide the treatment plan best suited to your needs. Begin your orthodontic journey today, book a FREE consultation online or by phone to start working towards a new beautiful smile.

During the initial consultation, we will discuss what your goals are with regards to oral health and aesthetic. We will take a series of photos, X-rays, and 3D scans of your teeth and jaw so as to perfectly understand what actions are necessary. 

We will discuss the different options available to you and also answer any questions you may have. At this time we can also discuss financing and payment plans available for your treatment. At Beacon Smiles Dental we are committed to making your orthodontic journey as painless and worry-free as possible.

Braces application can take approximately 2 hours to complete, but it is a painless process that just requires time. There is no anaesthetic needed, with boredom being possible the only uncomfortable part. Each bracket is bonded to the teeth individually where a special bonding cement is used that requires UV lighting to harden and secure.

Once all the brackets are aligned and bonded, we will thread the metal wire through all the brackets, securing at the back of the mouth. This is the wire that creates the tension necessary to move the teeth. Once the wire is secured and everything is attached properly, you’re good to go!

Braces are relatively simple to keep clean but do require some additional tools to your normal oral hygiene routine. It is recommended to brush your teeth twice daily as usual.

As for flossing, there are special floss threaders available to help you get around the wires to floss properly, and we will provide some of these for you at the time of appointments. Furthermore, you will need to come in approximately every 6 weeks for check-ups and adjustments to the wire.

What you can/can’t eat:

There are certain dietary restrictions you must abide by for the duration of your braces treatment. This includes certain hard-to-eat foods that are prohibited for fear of damaging the brackets/wire. Some of these foods include chewing gum, corn on the cob, apples, caramels, and other chewy candies. During your consultation we can discuss in further detail these limitations, and if dietary restrictions are a concern for you, there are other options available, such as Invisalign.

Will Braces Hurt?

After the application it is common to feel tenderness in the gums and when chewing for a few days as your mouth and jaw adjust to the treatment. This should only last a few days however, and may return for short periods after each adjustment appointment. You may take over the counter pain relievers to help ease this discomfort.

After the braces treatment has been completed, we will remove the brackets are wire, and give you a routine teeth cleaning. At this point however, the journey is not over, as you will need to be fitted with a retainer which will need to be worn indefinitely.

At first, the retainer will need to be worn at all times, except when eating, and over time it’s wear time can be reduced to only during sleep. There are two options of retainers available, although it is common to use a combination of these two options: removable retainers and permanent fixed retainers.

Permanent fixed retainers consist of a wire that will be bonded to the inside of your teeth, usually spanning over the front 6 teeth. This retainer type is easy to clean with regular brushing, and the floss threaders will still be necessary for flossing. The permanent retainer will stay in your mouth forever, just as the name suggests.

Removable retainers are fitted to the inside of your mouth. A plastic center piece molded to the roof of your mouth will have wires attached that stretch around to the front of your teeth. This retainer type is easily removed and can be brushed itself when removed during regular daily teeth brushing. We recommend removing for all meals and snacks, and rinsing after every meal. Removable retainers need to be worn full-time – with the exception of meals – for 6 months, at which time they can be switched to only be worn when sleeping.

Orthodontic Consultation in Calgary

What is the Cost of Braces in Calgary?

Most patients can receive their full treatment for anywhere between $2999-$5495. At Beacon Smiles Dental, we’re committed to providing affordable braces in Calgary, as we believe that everyone should be able to get the smile they want without breaking the bank. Therefore, we offer a series of financing options to make your orthodontic treatment as affordable as possible!


Most of Our Patient's Pay Less than $4999!
  • Complete X-rays and Photos
  • All adjustments included
  • All repairs
  • All Retainers
  • FREE teeth whitening

Financing Options

During your initial consultation, we can discuss in more detail the specific financing options available to find the best plan to suit your needs. Our payments plans can come as low as weekly payments of just $40! The cost will include every aspect of treatment, from application, additional appointments, all X-rays and scans, and the retainers.

Does Insurance Cover Braces?

Many insurance providers in Canada do offer coverage for orthodontic treatment, including braces, Invisalign, and Myobrace. Contact your insurance service provider for more information on your individual plan. In the event that your insurance does not cover orthodontics, don’t panic, there are still many financing options available through our clinic to help ease any financial burden.

Changing your smile with can help change your life.

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Stop worrying about your teeth!

Guide To Getting Braces (Calgary)

Deciding to start orthodontic treatment is the first – and arguably, most difficult – step in an exciting journey to getting that perfect smile.


The misinformation and misconceptions circling around can often put patients off from seeking treatment altogether.

If you’re thinking of getting braces in Calgary and want to know how the entire process works, stick around:

Educating and preparing patients for their upcoming braces journey is vital for a smooth treatment. This guide can answer essential questions you might have and walk you through getting your braces in Calgary!

Before considering braces, visit our dentist in Calgary, AB for a consultation.

Braces 101: How Do Braces Work to “Fix” Your Smile?

American Dental Association reports that the first signs of teeth misalignment and abnormal bites become apparent around the ages of 6 to 12. That’s why orthodontic treatment typically starts between the ages of 8 and 14 years – but adults can get orthodontic braces, too.

A perfect smile is a perfect smile – no matter how old you are.

Braces are the treatment option that corrects crowded or crooked teeth and malocclusion or a misaligned jaw.

Although you have several options and the type of braces depends on the specific treatment goals, all braces work in a similar manner:

They constantly pressure your teeth and surrounding bone structure for extended periods, usually 18 months to three years. Over time, your jaw starts adapting to this pressure, with the bones and teeth gradually moving into proper alignment.

It might sound a bit intimidating, but yes – braces make your actual teeth move under pressure!

Today’s orthodontic specialists in Calgary offer more kinds of dental braces than ever before. Your options for “correcting “your smile include:

• Metal braces are the traditional orthodontic braces that utilize metal wires and brackets.

• Ceramic braces work the same way as metal braces. However, ceramic braces prioritize blending in and being less noticeable.

• Lingual braces work similarly as metal and ceramic braces, but the wires and brackets are hidden behind the teeth.

• Clear braces, or Invisalign, are custom-made, removable, clear plastic aligners.

Calgary Orthodontics Near Me: Scheduling a Consultation & Deciding on Treatment Options

If you’re hoping to straighten your teeth, the best place to start is finding an orthodontic near me and booking a consultation with an orthodontist.

The benefits of this initial consult are twofold:

You can gather information about the actual process of getting braces and, more importantly, meet your Calgary orthodontist face to face and decide if they’re the right fit for you.

The goal of the consultations can be summed up in three key points:

• Expressing your needs and desires as a potential patient, the things that bother you about your smile as is and why you’re considering treatment in the first place

• Making the initial assessment of your jaw structure, teeth, bite, and oral hygiene, and taking any necessary dental X-rays

• Proposing a treatment plan – along with alternatives – that address any imperfections and jaw pathologies while also reflecting your wishes

Ask questions, gather information, and take your time to make the decision. It’s imperative that you feel comfortable and confident in the choice you made before starting treatment.

Besides the actual treatment options, consultations are also an excellent time to discuss financing options. Our Calgary orthodontist can offer flexible financing options in line with the Alberta Dental Fee Guide pricing.

Your Braces Are On – What Now?

Each person’s experience with getting braces is different, but generally speaking, mild to moderate discomfort and pain is expected – and normal – occurrences after the initial procedure.

You’ll have to get accustomed to the pressure the braces put on your teeth and jaw, regardless of whether you got traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces, or clear braces. The brackets and wires of metal braces may irritate the inside of your mouth. However, any discomfort and pain should go away within the first week of getting braces.

Next, pay attention to oral hygiene. Taking care of your teeth – and braces – will take some getting used to, but it’s vital for keeping your teeth and gums healthy throughout the process.

If you’re wearing traditional braces, you’ll have to avoid certain foods that could damage the hardware or stick to the wires. What’s more, you should brush and floss thoroughly after every meal to prevent food build-up on your braces.

Last but not least, you have to cooperate with the prescribed treatment every step of the way.

Go to your check-ups and follow the instructions; failing to stick to the plan will only prolong your treatment and slow the progress toward a beautiful smile.

Braces Calgary: How to Find an Orthodontist Near Me?

If you’re considering braces – be it for your child or yourself – the best place to start the process is talking to a dentist or an orthodontist in Calgary. Discussing your goals and mapping out a potential treatment plan is vital for success.

Are you ready to start the orthodontic journey toward the best possible version of your beautiful smile?

If you’re interested in orthodontics Calgary options, contact us at Beacon Smiles Dental today and book a consultation! Our dentists are happy to help you navigate getting braces in Calgary from start to finish!

Frequently Asked Questions

Not only can braces improve your confidence by providing you with a bright, beautiful smile, but there are numerous health benefits as well. Straight teeth can reduce stress and pain in the jaw, reduce headaches/migrains, improve digestion, and improve speech. Not to mention it reduces the risk of chips, breaks, and general wear and tear on the teeth.

During your FREE consultation, we can discuss in depth the different options available, including each pro and con. However, in addition to braces we also offer orthodontic treatment via Invisalign and Myobrace.

Yes! We offer a variety of financing options build to suit your needs. During your FREE consultation, we can discuss these options in depth and find the one best suited to your needs. The majority of our patients pay between $3000-$5000 for their full treatment including everything, and we can offer weekly payment plans as low as $40/week!

The free consultation is the perfect chance for you to become familiar with our office and our dentists. At this time we will answer any questions you may have about treatment options, processes, and costs. We will examine your mouth and jaw, and all photos, X-rays, and 3D scans are included in the free consultation. We will work together with you to find the treatment plan best suited to your individual needs. Call or book online today!